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Hãy cùng tìm hiểu về chủ đề Đừng vội cho bé đi bơi khi chưa đọc bài viết này!

Going swimming in the summer not only makes adults excited, but children are equally excited. Swimming brings many health care benefits and cools down from the heat, and at the same time, prevents many risks such as drowning, suffocation, .. If the mother prepares Let your baby go swimming or learn to swim Then definitely read this article.


1. At what age should children go swimming?

Chantuoi Learned a lot of information for babies when to go swimming. For children in developed countries, many parents let their children learn to swim from birth, especially when they were just babies. 4 to 6 weeks old. Most of them think that children should learn to swim as soon as possible because at a younger age, babies are not afraid of water. Babies can learn to swim thanks to the natural instincts of mammals because their swimming reflexes are available while they are still in the womb, and they will be more active and easier to practice. Learning to swim early also makes the baby more confident and brave, the training time is sometimes shorter in older children.

In VietnamAlthough many parents have lived a modern life for their children to learn to swim early, not many children have learned to swim at such a small level as above. Swimming teachers often recommend that children learn to swim from 6 year old is the most appropriate, because at this time, he has been aware of and absorbed the lesson and can follow the teacher’s movements. However, lemontuoi think that when parents feel that the baby is healthy enough, has a good mentality and is able to concentrate, listen, understand and follow instructions, it will help the child learn to swim better and faster. Choosing a good, experienced swimming teacher is also a factor to help your child learn faster and more effectively.


6-year-old children are advised by swimming teachers to take swimming lessons

2. Which swimming pool is suitable for children?

Currently, children have more choices for themselves when they want to learn to swim and go swimming. If children 5 years ago, if they wanted to learn to swim, often went to public swimming pools, but in recent years, their parents have bought their own mini swimming pools to use at home. These swimming pools are convenient to use, you can pump up when using and spray again to save space after swimming. Children also love to use these mini swimming pools in a variety of designs and colors.


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In fact, swimming in public swimming pools or residential areas will make your baby enjoy and practice better swimming skills. Parents can refer to the following swimming pools for children (in Hanoi) to let their children swim:

Sense Aqua & Spa swimming pool (20 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho): The swimming pool has a specially designed play area and swimming practice for children, shallow water, in an easy-to-observe area.

Tien Dat Four Seasons Swimming Pool (14 Dang Tien Dong, Dong Da)): Indoor swimming pool, quite airy and clean, airtight for babies. The tank has a circulating and continuous water filtration system every 2 hours. The shower area is clean, polite and the water is strong. There is a separate children’s swimming pool. The borders around the tank all have support steps, so it is convenient to stop and rest around, even at a depth of 1.9 m.

– Hapu Swimming Pool (85 Vu Trong Phung, Thanh Xuan): This is a newly opened swimming pool in Hapulico building. The pool is beautiful and large, even though it is an indoor tank, the space is very airy and not secret. The swimming pool for children in the middle is 5 meters wide, on both sides are two swimming areas for adults. The bathroom is also equipped with shower gel, shampoo, and a full dryer for babies and parents.

Four seasons swimming pool at Nghia Tan Secondary School: The newly opened pool is still little known, so the pool is empty, swimming is very comfortable. Nice pool, warm and clean water. Another advantage is that this swimming pool is located in a secondary school, so the pool and bathroom are also designed to fit students, very safe for children.

Truong Dinh four-season swimming pool (493 Truong Dinh, Hoang Mai): Indoor swimming pool, large and airy, beautiful view. Continuous circulating water filtration system according to European standards. The steam tank is shallow, the shallowest is 1m, the deepest is 1.7m. The pool does not have an area for children, so parents who take their children need to supervise swimming with them.

Swimming pool at Bao Son hotel (50 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Dong Da): Swimming pool is located on the premises of Bao Son hotel, has open space, good water quality and service. The pool has a children’s swimming area and food service.

khachsanbaoson (12)

Bao Son hotel swimming pool

My Dinh Swimming Pool (Belonging to the National Sports Complex opposite My Dinh Stadium): Indoor swimming pool with complete, automatic water filtration system. The pool is wide and long, very suitable for training swimmers. The water is clean and has no chlorine smell.

– Four seasons swimming pool Tran Hung Dao (Address: No. 4 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi): As one of the first indoor swimming pools in Hanoi, although a bit small, the water is quite clean due to an automatic water system that filters according to European standards. In addition, the children’s swimming pool area here is separate, so it is quite safe for children and it is also convenient for parents to keep an eye on their children.

Times city four seasons swimming pool: The indoor pool has a large area, modern design, so the tank is very airy, the water is clean and clear, the dressing and bathing area is spacious, clean and comfortable. The swimming pool is divided into 3 levels of adults, teenagers and children. Teenagers and children’s pools with a depth of 0.9m and 0.5m, respectively, are seamlessly connected, creating an ideal space for children to play and relax under water.

3. Children’s swimming pool ticket price

In Hanoi, there are about 130 different large and small swimming pools (pools under the management of the district and private pools), most of which are outdoor pools and a few are four-season pools in hotels. , high-end apartment buildings. The price of swimming pool tickets in Hanoi is different, even though it is the same outdoor swimming pool, but in general, the old swimming pool under district management is usually cheaper than the private swimming pool (according to a newspaper survey). Dantri). Children’s outdoor pool ticket prices range from 20,000 – 35,000 VND/child ticket.

Indoor pools have higher ticket prices ranging from 60,000 – 80,000 VND/ticket. For private swimming pools or at hotels, the price is quite expensive, about 100,000 VND, even more expensive. If parents take their children to swimming lessons, they will pay the full course fee (not including tickets to the pool).

The price for a swimming course if cheap can be from 1.2 million VND to 1.5 million VND/month, in some expensive pools it is about 2.5 million VND/course (about 10 sessions). Some private tutors also set different prices, so parents need to find out, ask friends and compare prices and quality to decide. There are also accompanying services such as renting swimwear, hats, buoys, clothes… at the swimming pool for 10,000 – 30,000 VND/time. Usually, parents should accompany the baby to learn to swim.

So it is calculated, a swimming course for a child calculated according to the “price of lemontuoi” is about 2,055 million VND (including: 1.5 million tuition fees + 250k (10 sessions x 25k tickets to the pool, if parents don’t come) + 305k (baby pants/swimwear 75k + swimming goggles 30k + swimming cap 50k + life jacket 150k) .

If you often buy fast food such as hot dogs, drinking water at the pool, it will cost more. Some parents who know how to swim will think that teaching their children to swim at home or combining them with teaching their children to swim will reduce the cost of swimming lessons, but according to research, lemontuoi advises Parents should let their children take a swimming course so that the teacher can teach the basic movements, coordination skills between hands – feet – breathing to ensure correct swimming, beautiful swimming, and maintaining fitness when swimming for a long time.

The way to reduce the cost of swimming according to lemons, I think parents should combine the registration of monthly tickets for the baby (with other children and alternate swimming schedules). Or for swimming lessons registration, many centers offer a discount on tuition fees if registering in groups, so parents should find and register in groups of 2-4 children (it can be their friends or children). me) will receive a 10-20% discount on that tuition fee. Parents can update the latest swimming pool ticket prices in Hanoi’s swimming pools in the article “Synthesis of swimming pool addresses and ticket prices in Hanoi” by lemontuoi for easy tracking.

4. What is the safest time for your baby to go swimming?

Swimming pools are usually open from 6am to 9pm, but the ideal swimming time for babies is from 9am to 11am, when the water is warm and there is no toxic wind. If the mother does not have time in the morning or has to go to work, she can take the baby to swim in the late afternoon (about 5 pm). You absolutely should not let your child go swimming at noon because the child’s body temperature is high, if he sweats a lot, he will catch cold easily. In addition, you need to limit swimming hours for children, do not let them soak in the water for too long. Because if you soak in water too much, you will lose energy, some babies may have skin allergies, affecting health.

Swimming time approx 40 minutes – 1 hour is enough. For children who are just learning to swim, the time spent in the water in the summer is about 30 minutes. When your baby’s body is more adapted to the water environment, you can let him swim for about 60 minutes. In addition, parents need to pay attention to children’s warm-up joints such as knee joints, hip joints, elbow joints… or run gently. Usually there is a form of bathing before entering the pool, this not only helps to keep hygiene but also helps the body get used to the water. When entering the water, you should walk to get used to the environment. Absolutely do not jump into the water and swim immediately. After swimming, you should rest for 10-15 minutes before going home.

5. Necessary items for baby when going swimming

Parents, please prepare the following basic items to protect your baby’s body before going swimming: – Swimwear: Should prepare separate swimwear, suitable size for the baby. Depending on your age and preferences, you choose swimwear with designs and colors according to your baby’s preferences, but you should choose four-way elastic, high thickness with medium elasticity. Avoid choosing swimwear with thin elastic bands, because when entering the water, the elastic fabric will sag or crack, which will make it unsightly and unsafe for your baby’s skin. Do not choose swimwear with bright colors or dark, black colors because these are easy to catch the sun and cause your baby’s skin to darken.

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Goggles and swim cap to protect your baby’s eyes and hair

– Swimming cap and swimming goggles: When going swimming, children should use a swimming cap to help their hair avoid direct contact with chlorinated water in swimming pools or salt water of the sea. Should choose a soft rubber hat, hugging the head. With cloth hats, you should choose the right size for your baby’s head and don’t use elastic so that the hat does not tighten the temples, making it easy for the baby to have a headache. Before and after swimming, you should use hair cream to protect your baby’s hair. Swimming goggles are an important tool to help children protect their eyes from being affected by the environment with lots of chlorine bleach, and from being red and itchy when the pool water is polluted. Choosing the right swimming goggles that hug the face will have a better effect.

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Snorkel helps children learn to swim more easily – Watch now

Breathing tube: If your baby wants to swim far, dive or he has poor breathing ability, he should use a specialized snorkel. – Life jacket: this is an indispensable accessory to ensure safety when swimming, to prevent drowning accidents for children. There are many types of life jackets and lifebuoys for parents to choose from such as large swim floats that children can sit or lie on, swimwear worn on their body or small hand-held floats to help children stay afloat on the water but compact, easy to carry when traveling. go far away.

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Some accessories included: soft rubber earmuffs (helps your baby to dive and soak in the water for a long time without fear of affecting the ears), sunscreen, hair cream, baby towel (cold room after swimming), swim diapers, cotton swabs, physiological saline, bath soaps, shampoos, etc. Hope this article will help parents somewhat when preparing children’s swimwear. Wishing you all happy summer days and healthy and safe swimming!

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