Cập Nhật Kinh nghiệm du lịch Lý Sơn 4 ngày 3 đêm chỉ với 2 triệu đồng

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Hãy cùng tìm hiểu về chủ đề Kinh nghiệm du lịch Lý Sơn 4 ngày 3 đêm chỉ với 2 triệu đồng

Ly Son is one of the beautiful islands, a beautiful and most famous tourist destination in Quang Ngai province. Because of the unspoiled beauty in the middle of the sea, with blue water like jade throughout the 4 seasons, Ly Son island is always a paradise that anyone who loves to travel also wants to visit once.


Ly Son consists of 3 islands, namely Big Island – Cu Lao Re, Be Island – An Binh and Mu Cu island located near the big island and uninhabited. With a population of more than 20,000 people and an area of ​​​​nearly 10km2, coming here, you will feel the sincerity and hospitality of the people living here. There is no slashing scene or noisy trading like long-developed tourist areas like Cat Ba and Sam Son. Perhaps that is why Ly Son has left the most indelible impressions in the hearts of tourists coming here.

When should you go to Ly Son?

  • Summer is the peak from June to September, the weather will be sunny and beautiful, so going to the beach is quite suitable.
  • If you want to discover Ly Son garlic specialties, you can go in early December
  • Go on the occasion of the Paracel Soldier Festival which takes place on March 18-19-20 (lunar calendar).


=> Say that you should go at any time, anywhere anytime you want to go to Ly Son, you can go. For me personally, I don’t choose when there are a lot of people. I like the quiet, so I usually go in months like April, May or October, November to go. So enjoy more fully the beautiful scenery here.

Ly Son travel experience 4 days 3 nights with only 2 million VND

Surely with the beauty of Ly Son, many of you want to come here to travel once. But they are also afraid of the cost of traveling, eating and drinking is not suitable for them. Now, I would like to share with you my experience so that you can pick up your backpack and go to Ly Son right away for just under 2 million VND. Make a note and share it with your friends right now


– Round trip flight ticket VNA 950k. – Homestay for 3 nights: 150k – Round trip train ticket to the big island: 185k – Canoe ticket to the small island, tram, drink coconut water 100k – Rent a motorbike for 2 days share: 100k – Taxi to Noi Bai airport and taxi from Noi Bai to home share 200k – Meal fee: 400k. Homestay rice 50k/meal/person: full of shrimp, fish, meat, vegetables.

Attention: If you plan to go at any time, you should plan in advance to hunt for cheap flight tickets. Vietnamairline rarely has cheap prices, so you can choose Vietjet or jetstart.


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Day 1: Hanoi – Chu Lai- Sa Ky Port

My ticket flew at 13:55h and landed at Chu Lai airport at 15:30h. Then take the luggage out, there is a car of the airport waiting, free transportation from Chu Lai airport to Quang Ngai bus station. Arrive at the bus station at 4:30. Waiting at the bus station waiting for the bus from Quang Ngai to Sa Ky port. At 5:20 a.m. the bus entered the station, everyone got on the bus and at 5:30 a.m. the bus left.

=> If you go in a crowd and don’t want to wait, there are many Mai Linh Taxis. Price for a 5-seater car is 250k. The price of a 7-seat car is 350k to Sa Ky port 20km. I take the bus, the fare is 13k/person for 40 minutes. When I got to the port, I called for Ms. Dinh to come pick me up. Made a reservation with her in advance. 100k/night can stay 2-5 people. Phone number: 01208044550. Homestay rooms are cleaner than other places. And her house is right next to Sa Ky port.


Next morning Come down for breakfast, it’s very convenient to get train tickets. Now I’m too hungry, put my suitcase and go find food. When I left in the morning, I forgot to bring my coat, now I’m wearing a blazer and I’m cold 🙁 There is only one way to go, so I just go out to find food. Popular rice, beef noodle soup with pork, grilled ram, grilled ribs, meat Grilled, I temporarily kicked a bowl of beef and pork vermicelli and added 1 duck egg. Total 26k but I was full. I went to the opposite row to add a delicious cup of sapodilla with 15k butter. It’s quiet here at night, nothing to do but play. Where are the cafes. In order to prepare for tomorrow’s journey, I went to Mrs. Dinh’s house to rest and recuperate. Strangely at home, I also fell asleep.


Day 2: Journey to Sa Ky port – Ly Son big island

05h40 Get up, prepare to go to the port, enter the port number 4, wait for the train ticket 95k/time. I signed up to buy tickets in advance, but if I don’t come here, I’m tired of waiting in line. You can book tickets by sending an email to [email protected] . Write the full name, date of birth, address on the CMT of the whole group. Buy tickets at any time and date. They will reply to your email to let you know or not.


I run the train at 7:30 am to the island at 8:30 am. Right now I’m sitting on the 2nd floor of the train. Too black to sit on the 2nd floor because it is said to be very drunk. While not having time to have breakfast. To tell the truth, 10 sisters are also 5 full sisters. I saw many people standing on the railing of the train, so I dared to follow. It’s no different than playing jumping waves, the sea water splashes all over the hair, but standing here is not drunk at all, just tired legs. Sure enough to see the sea. (And when I took the train back to the number of seats I sat on the 1st floor, there was no handrail, I was drunk, I had a headache.)


1 hour later, the ship arrived at the Big Island port. I called Uncle Cu to the port to pick me up because I booked it the day before. Uncle’s house is a homestay, 50k/person. The room is also clean, there is no hot water, go down to take a shower thanks to the first floor of the house, ok. When she eats rice, she cooks for her, 50k/person for a meal. The aunt and uncle rented a car for 200k/2 days including gas. Contact number 0167 2238391. Contact for reservation in advance. Vc aunt and uncle are enthusiastic, instructing where to go and where to go. Go up to the storage room, get down to get the car to prepare to go to Flagpole, and Hang Cau. These 2 locations are on the same road.


10 am: start . Uncle’s house turn left hand and go in 15 minutes to reach the National Flagpole. Going up the mountain to see the country’s flag fluttering on the coast, watching the clouds and watching the sky feel so peaceful and comfortable. Take pictures on it for about 30 minutes, turn down the mountain and turn left to go to Cau Cave. There are signposts all the way, so don’t be afraid to get lost. Beautiful fishing cave, can swim in the sea. Playing here around 11:15, we went to our uncle’s house to have lunch. Because I went to the train early this morning, I didn’t have time to eat anything and I was hungry.


3 p.m.: Go downstairs to get a motorbike to go to To Vo Gate and watch the sunset. Gorgeous and romantic. From aunt and uncle’s house, turn right to the direction of the port, about 10 minutes to arrive. Ask people for directions, everyone will show you. Shooting parrots drinking coconut water, eating mango shakes, watching the sunrise. It’s so beautiful. Until 6 p.m Go around the market to have lunch at Dai Hang motel in the market. Delicious rice, delicious braised meat dish. I order: fried garlic with beef. Sour fish soup (1 fish). Braised meat. Stir-fried green vegetables. It really takes 3-5 people to eat it all. Bill 265k. After I was full, I went home to take a shower and go to drink coffee.


8 p.m.: Go to the port near Ly Son center hotel, you will see 2 rows of coffee juice smoothies. I made 2 cups of sapodilla smoothie, 2 cups of 40k delicious :)). Ly Son Island is very small, so I’m not afraid to get lost. Sitting until 10:30 am to take a motorbike to go home to rest so that tomorrow morning, we can still go by canoe to the small island to visit the pool. It’s pitch black here from 9am to 10pm, nothing to do. There is also the cold sea breeze that makes the ride both scared and huddled.


Day 3: Fun spots in Ly Son:

5 o’clock in the morning Get up on Thoi Loi mountain to watch the sunrise. The sun rises on the blue sea background, surrounded by mountains and hills, the wind blows cool, a little shivering but still feels warm in the heart :)) When finished, go back to have breakfast with noodles at the homestay and ask for a thermos of hot water because brought box noodles.

7 am Uncle Cu passed us to the port so that at 7:30 a.m. the canoes left for the small island. Sign up with Uncle Cu, he made a reservation the day before. Fast. You stay at other motels, just go to the port to have a canoe. Ticket price 80k round trip to and from. 10 minutes to the small island. Get on the tram to take you around the island and then take it to the beach on the small island. 30k 1 person going and coming back will be picked up.


Baby island is so beautiful and peaceful, the people on the island are also kind and enthusiastic. This island is really beautiful, suitable for those who like to be quiet like me. Going to the island to bathe, too excited because the beach is so beautiful. Blue sea water, see both seaweed and sand. The sea water is no less than the beach in vinperland Nha Trang, but here the rocks, sand, seaweed, the hollows look extremely like maldives :)). If you go down to the beach, go straight inside, it’s crowded outside but not as beautiful as inside. When I went inside, there were green hollows and I was alone in a beach. Naughty bathing and enjoying at 11 a.m. disembark and go to the place to change + drink coconut water. The tram was already waiting there, straight to the canoe wharf to bring back to the big island.


12 noon come home : eat, shower, pack up, rest, until 2:30 p.m. go to the harbor to board a speedboat to the mainland. Before I left, I asked Uncle Cu to buy a train ticket in advance. When it was time to go down to the house to pay for the uncle and aunt, and the uncle took the suitcase to the pier again. Here Lobster is very cheap, buy about 550k/kg. I also bought Lobster and Fish as gifts. King crab, I don’t like to eat very much. 4 p.m : the ship arrives at the mainland – there is a bus waiting. Hop on bus 13k to the last leg of the station – Quang Ngai bus station.

experience-travel-lich-ly-son-4-ngay-3-death-chi-voi-2-trieu-dong-45 o’clock : Up to the bus station, choose a 120k single bed motel for 2-3 people. There is hot water in the shower. Next to the bus station to fly tomorrow morning at 10:20 Chu Lai – Hanoi. Tomorrow morning at 7am, have breakfast, check out, go to the bus station right away, there is a free airport shuttle. It costs more than 300k to take a taxi. The car runs from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm to the airport, if you arrive late, the car will run there.

7 o’clock by taxi Chicken rice Ba Nhung – Phan Dinh Phung eat rice 35k / serving then wander around drinking smoothies. Delicious 35k/cup. Call a taxi to go to the Square to sit and play. The city is small, so a cheap taxi ride is only 20-30k times. Sit until 10:00, call a taxi to the motel next to the bus station. Number 8 Le Thanh Ton.


Day 4: Journey to Chu Lai – Hanoi

8 am pretend to drag the suitcase to the bus station, the car is waiting for you to have an instructor tell you to get in the car to go to the airport, free of charge. 1 hour in the car. Out to the place of checkin procedures – .

10:20 plane taking off. 11:20 am back to Hanoi, call a taxi to go home. Done! End of program Fun – Young – Healthy. Wish you have happy trips.

>>>>>>>> In addition, if you like to go on a tour, you can choose an attractive tour Quang Ngai – Ly Son for 2 days 1 night for only 990,000 VND stop it. Details of the tour can be found here.

*** Small note ***

– I hope you guys don’t throw garbage indiscriminately to help keep the sea clean and beautiful for a long time.

– Should go before the island is renovated and loses its natural look.

– The trip is cheap, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun, it’s incomplete. In fact, each person has only 1850k but I’ll round 2 million. 1 amazing journey. See you in another journey album!

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